EXPANDED 'Live at The Barbican' Cassette

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Limited edition cassette tapes printed for Cassette Store Day 2014.

EXPANDED 'Live at the Barbican' is These New Puritans’ critically acclaimed 2013 album Field of Reeds played in its entirety, alongside old and brand new works, worked and re-worked. The band has described EXPANDED as being as definitive as the studio album.

The performance features a new live version of the band - headed by Jack Barnett, George Barnett & Thomas Hein, featuring an e-x-p-a-n-d-e-d 35-piece band made up of brass, strings, percussion, electronics, glass, magnetic resonator piano, ultra-low bass singers and vocals from Portuguese singer Elisa Rodrigues and Synergy Vocals (Steve Reich, London Sinfonietta). The orchestral arrangements were written by Jack Barnett, and conducted by Edwin Outwater.

[Includes digital download of the complete album]


Intro Tape
The Way I Do
Fragment Two
The Light In Your Name
Island Song
Organ Eternal
Nothing Else But This
Field Of Reeds
Three Thousand
We Want War
Spitting Stars